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Xi'an Jiaotong University School of Law

Doctoral Degree Program Admissions


Degree Name

Law and Governance (Interdisciplinary)·


School Introduction

China “C9 Group” University Platform

Global "New Silk Road Law Schools Alliance" Sponsor

QS "World-Class Law School Certification System" Cooperation Agency

Lauterpacht Centre for International Law at the University of Cambridge Cooperation Agency

Chinese Journal of Comparative Law Organizer

The National “Outstanding Legal Education Centre for International Legal Personnel Cultivation”

The National “Outstanding Legal Education Centre for Interdisciplinary and Practical Legal Personnel Cultivation”

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Main Faculty

Professor James Crawford

Professor Wenhua Shan

Professor Wang Jiangyu

Professor Liu Qiao

Professor Hu Desheng

Professor Zhiguo Ma

Professor Baomin Wang

Professor Wanqiang Li

Professor Shaohua Zhou

Professor Jinyuan Su


Study Period

Normally 3 years

Tuition fee

$ 6,500 / year, may apply for a scholarship

Contact Information

Miss.Gao:  +86 29 82668124,   gaoyizhe@xjtu.edu.cn

School Website: