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  • Wang Baomin
  • Published:2018/07/10 00:00:00 News source:The station



PhD in Law from Peking University, Doctoral Supervisor

Secretary of the Party General Branch of the XJTU School of Law, Director of Legislation and CPC's Regulation Research Center of XJTU, member of the fourth Shaanxi Provincial “Excellent Young and Middle-aged Legists”, Managing Director of the China Law Society Legislation Association, Chairman of the Shaanxi Provincial Law Society Legislation Association and Vice Chairman of the Shaanxi Legal Government Association; Senior Researcher of the Fulbright Program of the UC Berkeley School of Law in 2007-2008, Visiting Scholar of the Université Libre de Bruxelles in 2010, Special Research Fellow and Consultant Expert of the Political and Legal Affairs Committee of the CPC Shaanxi Provincial Committee,

Consultation Expert in Legislation, Review and Supervision on the Budget of the Standing Committee of the Shaanxi Provincial People’s Congress, Special Consultant Expert of the Shaanxi Higher People’s Court, and Non-permanent Member of the Shaanxi Provincial Commission for Election (Punishment) of Judges and Procurators. He was invited to introduce the Constitutional Law at the executive meeting of the People’s Government of Shaanxi Province and also to join the Publicity Group of the CPC Shaanxi Provincial Committee to publicize the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee in Shaanxi.

Professor WANG focuses on jurisprudence, legislative science and public law theories. He has published over 50 academic papers in journals such as Journal of Comparative Law, Chinese Public Administration, Rule of Law Tsinghua and Journal of Xi’an Jiaotong University (Social Sciences). He has led more than 20 scientific research projects, of which there were nearly 10 projects at the ministerial and provincial-level or above, including a major project of the National Social Science Fund—Research on the Thoughts of the Rule of Law of the Central Party Committee Since the 18th CPC National People’s Congress. In addition, he has published five monographs, translations and textbooks. His book Study on the Role of Government in Modern Parliamentary Legislation won the second prize of the seventh Xi’an Social Science Research Award and the third prize of the 10th Shaanxi Provincial Philosophy and Social Science Research Award. Later, this book was republished by Law Press China.