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  • Li Xia
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Li Xia (1957-), female, a Member of the Chinese Communist Party, Professor at Law School of XJTU,Doctor,Master Tutor. Research Interests: Science of Environment and Natural Resources Protection Law, Administrative Law.

Prof. Li Xia graduated with a bachelor degree in Engineering from Xinjiang Institute of Technology in Feb.,1982; Graduated with a master's degree in law from Humanities School of XJTU in 1991; Graduated with a Doctoral Degree in Management form Management School ofXJTUin 2006. She hadconductedthree provincial and ministerial level research projects, engaged in compiling eight academic works and textbooks as deputy editor-in-chief or compiler member, published more than thirty academic articles.

Prof. Li Xia has the honors of the Director of China Environment and Resources Law Research Society, Standing Director of Shaanxi Environment and Resources Law Research Society,Standing Director of Shaanxi Energy Law Research Society, Standing Director of Shaanxi Enterprise Legal System Research Society, Standing Director of Shaanxi Administrative Law Research Society,Legal Expert Consultant of Xi'an Intermediate People's Court, Intellectual Property Judicial Authenticator of XJTU,the former Dean&General Party Branch Secretaryof law Department atHumanities Schoolof XJTU, Chairman of the Union&Member of General Party Branchat Law School of XJTU.