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  • Su Qing
  • Published:2018/06/18 00:00:00 News source:The station


SU Qing, Associate Professor, Ph. D.

Main research area: Criminal Law, Cybercrimes, especially crimes against personal Information.


2000-2004, Wuhan University , L.B.

2004-2006, Wuhan University , L.M.

2006-2010, China University of Political Science and law, PHD.

2007-2009, Bonn University, joint PHD student.


2017.4-present Associate Professor, Xi'an Jiaotong University School of Law.

2014.7-2017.4, Lecturer, Xi'an Jiaotong University School of Law.

2011.10-2014.7 Assistant Research Fellow, East China University of Political Science and law.


SU Qing, Criminal Regulation of Internet Rumor: Based on Interpretation of New Crimes in Amendment (IX) to the Criminal law, Contemporary Law Review (CLSCI), 2017,31(1) , P15-26.

SU Qing, Restrictions on Privacy Protection: Related Discussion on Obligation of Assisting Law Enforcement of Internet Service Provider, Internet Law Review (CSSCI), 2018, Vol. 20.

SU Qing, A Comparative Study on Definition of Forensic Appraisal Opinion, Science of Law (CLSCI), 2016, 34(1), P.154-161.

SU Qing, Restrictions on the Start of the Judicial Authentication, Evidence Science (CSSCI), 2016, 24(4), P.422-431.

SU Qing, Research on theory of Social Harm: Origin, Comparison and Restructure, Law Press China, 2017(7).

SU Qing, Research on Rules of Forensic Appraisal Opinion, Law Press China, 2016(4).

E-mail : suqing2014@mail.xjtu.edu.cn