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  • Liu Lina
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Associate Professor, PhD. Master's Supervisor. Research interests in cultural heritage law, international law, IP law.


l 2007-2012 Xi’an Jiaotong University, PhD in law and Governance

l 2009.9-2010.9 Vienna University, joint training PhD in Public International Law

l 2005-2006 Aberdeen University, Master of Law in International Commercial Law

l 1999-2003 Xi’an Jiaotong University, BA in Law and BA in Arts


l Council Member, China Science and Technology Law Society

l Deputy Secretary-General, Science and Technology Law Association in Shaanxi Provincial Law Society

l Deputy Secretary-General ,Intellectual Property Research Association in Xi ' An Law Society

l Council Member, Enterprise Economic Law Association in Shaanxi Provincial Law Society


1. Legal research on Chinese Underwater Cultural Heritage Law, Beijing: Intellectual Property Press, ISBN:9787513030984. 2015

2. An analysis of the restitution of Chinese relics taken before the World War II and exhibited in Western Museums(Chinese)Social Science JournalCSSCI),2014

3. From Difference to Convergence: A Comparative Analysis of the Development of the Legal Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage in China and the 2001 Convention, Comparative Maritime Law(Croatia),Vol. 167, 2013

4. On the International Cooperation of Underwater Cultural Heritages in China(Chinese), Special Issue of Legal Research on Cultural Relics Protection(I) Beijing: Cultural Relics Press,2014

5. Translation: Manual for Activities directed at Underwater Cultural Heritage: A Guide on the Rules Annexed to the UNESCO 2001 Convention on Protection of the UCH, Chapter of Legal Context, Beijing: Cultural Relics Press,2013

6. From preserving intangible cultural heritage to enhancing intangible cultural heritage international protection——Research on UNESCO List of Register of Best Safeguarding Practices (Chinese). Journal of Northwest University,2012 (CSSCI)

7. “Ownership of Underwater cultural heritage in the Area”, Creighton international and comparative law (USA), Vol. 1 2011


1. 2018.April. Paris., UNESCO, 2001Underwater Cultural Heritage Convention, , delegate for China

2. Nov.24-27,2017 Present a speech “2001 convention and Chinese protection of UCH”, International Symposium on the Discovery and Research of Nanhai I, host by Chinese Yangjiang City Government, in Yangjiang, China

3. Oct. 10-14, 2017, present a speech “the Chinese underwater cultural heritage legal protection and cooperation” in 2017 “the Belt and Road” International Symposium on Cultural and Artistic Exchanges and Cooperation, Dunhuang , China

4. May.30-Jun.2, 2017. Paris., UNESCO, 2001Underwater Cultural Heritage Convention, General Conference, delegate for China

5. 10th Feb-14th Feb,2017.present a speech “development of the protection and utilization of Chinese underwater cultural heritage”, 日中韓文化遺産フォーラム, hosted by Japanese Culture Bureau, in Kyushu, Japan.

6. Mar., 2016. Present a speech “Making the past inspire the future: A Xi’an Perspective on legal protection of the cultural heritage in the process of metropolization”, in workshop :Cultural Heritage Law and the Built Environment: Preservation and Development in Asia’s Historic Cities, national university of Singapore, Singapore.

7. May, 2015. Asia12th Asian Law Institute Conference “New Challenges”, present a speech of Exploration and Analysis on Regional Cooperation Scheme for Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage in South China Sea.

Email:  liulina@xjtu.edu.cn