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  • Chen Hongrui
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Hongrui Chen is an associate professor at Silk Road Institute for International and Comparative Law and lecturer at law school of XJTU. In 2013, she received PH.D in international investment law from XJTU. From 2013 to 2014, she has worked at Department of Treaty and Law, MOFCOM, PRC, where she participate to drafting a new generation of IIA. She published several academic papers, research report. Her main interests are international investment law, comparative economic law and intellectual property law. She is currently developing two projects, one of which focus on reform of international investment disputes resolution, the other focus on the interactive mechanism between IIA and foreign investment law.


Ph.D.,2013, Xi’an Jiaotong University, majored in International Economic (Investment) Law;

L.L.M.,2007, ,Xi’an Jiaotong University, majored in Intellectual Property Right Law;

Bachelor of Law, 2000, Xi’an Jiaotong University.


2017—Washington University in St. Louis, Visiting Scholar;

2013.3—2014.3, Department of Treaty and Law, MOFCOM, PRC, Staff on Secondment;

2011.1—2011.4, in National University of SingaporeNUS, Visiting Researcher.


Articles & Essays

1. Wenhua Shan, Hongrui Chen, China-US BIT negotiation and emerging Chinese BIT 4.0, Alternative Vision of the International Law on Foreign Investment, Cambridge University Press, 2016

2. Hongrui Chenestablishment of regional center for multi-ways international investment dispute settlement, Chinese Social Science Today, 17th July

3. Zhenxin Zhang, Hongrui Chen, Study on the Regulation of Internet Sharing-car from the Market Failure Perspective, Journal of Guangdong University of Business Studies, 2017.4;

4. Hongrui Chen, China-South Korea FTA: Promote Asian economic integration, Legal Daily [N], December 10, 2014.

5. Chen Hongrui, Wang Lu, Ten-Years Membership: Legal Development And Interaction Between WTO And China, accepted by Journal Of Xian Jiaotong University(Social Sciences)CSSCI);

6. Chen Hongrui, The Application of Host State Law in International Investment Arbitration: The Acceptability of Article 30 of US 2004 Model BIT, the Second Prize of "Young Scholar Best Papers Award" at the 2010 Annual Conference; published by Journal Of International Economic Law( CSSCI), Volume 17, No.4, 2010.

7. Shan Wenhua & Norah Gallagher, translated by Chen Hongrui & Wang Chaoen, The “Harmonious World” Concept and Chinese Model BIT Construction: Towards a “Harmonious Model BIT”, Journal Of International Economic Law[J], Volume 17, No.1, 2010.( CSSCI).

8. Chen HongruiA Complete Legal Framework for Full Protection of Private Rights: An Introduction to Compulsory Purchase of United Kingdom, Legal Daily [N], February 9th, 2010.

9. Chen HongruiAn Analysis of the Self- Defense Right in Turkey- Iraq Conflict from the Perspective of the International Law, Foreign Affairs Review,2008,(8) ( CSSCI).

10. Tian Wenying, Chen Hongrui. Investigation on the Legislation Related to Circumvention Devices. Chinese Copyright, 2006, (6) (CSSCI).

11. Tian Wenying, Chen Hongrui. Trademark degeneracy and its legal consequence. Intellectual Property Rights Research ---the 13th Annual Symposium of Chinese University Intellectual Property, Xian Jiaotong University Press, Xian, 2006,11

12. Tian Wenying, Chen Hongrui. System Design to deal With the Monopoly of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) ---Scanning and Connecting for the Monopoly of Intellectual Property Rights by Antimonopoly Law. Science & Technology Progress and Policy [J], 2005, (9). (CSSCI).




Study on EU investment court system in the context of anti-globalization, National Social Science Fund, 2017.

Reform on international investment dispute settlement., Humanities and Social Sciences Research General Project, Ministry of Education;

Interaction of international investment law and china foreign investment law. The project is supported by 2nd- Class General Financial Grant from the China Postdoctoral Science Foundation.


---Studies on key issues of BIT Negotiation between China and US, key project of MOFCOM, 2016

---Treaty Interpretation of BIT Essential Provisions, supported by National Fund in Social Science, 2010;

---Studies on the Law of Chinas Foreign Energy Investmentsproject of Ministry of Justice, 2008


Email: chenhr@mail.xjtu.edu